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Moroccan Rose Water 125ml MC

Size: 125ml

100% Natural pH Toner from south of Morocco.

Rose water has been dubbed beauty's magic potion. It's most alluring property is its versatility, working equally effectively on oily or dry skin.

Some benefits of rose water:

  • Maintains the skins ph balance
  • It is an anti-inflammatory assisting with various skin conditions including eczema
  • Re-hydrates skin and can be used as a moisturizer
  • Nourishes and moisturizers hair
  • It cleans pores, tones and tightens skin keeping wrinkles at bay
  • It is an anti bacterial and anti oxidant

Rose water has long been used by the women of Morocco to maintain a fresh complexion, to soothe and gently purify the skin.

Apply a few drops and smooth over skin after cleansing.

Apply as a natural mist for calming irritated and red prone skin.

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