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100 % Black Seed Cold Pressed Oil (100 ml) - Botalife

Ingredients: Nigella sativa

Botalife Black Seed Oil 100 % Pure Cold Pressed.

Discover the secret of Black Seed.

With virtually no side effects, the healing process of black seed is actually quite unbelievable and it boggles the mind that most people have never heard of it! The black cumin seed or "Nigella Sativa" is a plant which has been revered as a miracle cure for a vast amount of illnesses and ailments throughout the ages and across many cultures. The plant is indigenous to the the Mediterranean region and has been used as a medicine. People have used the seed to make medicine for over 2000 years.

1. Boost immune system.
2. Promotes liver health.
3. Combats diabetes.
4. Aids weight loss.
5. Helps fights cancer.
6. Benefits skin.
7. Treats infections.
8. Reduce swelling.
9. Improves fertility.
10. Balance cholesterol.
11. Lowers blood pressure.
12. Fights with allergies.
13. Improves sperm count.
14. Helps eczema and acne.
15. Helps osteoarthritis pain.

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