Kitchen Cleaner - All Surface 500ml

Grease Busting
Odorite Ultra All Surface Kitchen Cleaner is foamy and eliminates kitchen grime with dual technology, combining superior green surfactant technology with enzymatic action. The enzymes work to break down fats and grease, while also eliminating starches which act as a glue (biofilm), trapping dirt and other organics on the surfaces. This powerful combination offers the exceptional ability to break down residual organic soils and eradicate bad odours.

Continued use removes layer upon layer of embedded grime (bio-film), preventing future build-up of organic soils, keeping the hard surfaces, floor and tiles truly deep-cleaned, smelling fresh and free of potentially harmful organisms and contaminants.

Product Details:

Opaque liquid in an easy to hold 500 ml dual foaming and spray bottle.

Features & Benefits:
Specifically designed for cleaning food contact surfaces
Removes soap scum from tiles and floors
Deep-cleans floors and grout by removing the build-up that collects in the pores of the floor surface
Eliminates floor coating that causes slipperiness
Degrades residual organic soils that help support insects and other unwanted pests
Improves freshness by controlling odours from residual organics
Eliminates the need for rinsing after mopping
Effective against fungi, bacteria and yeasts
Safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly
Product Ingredients:
Product contains a blend of beneficial enzymes:
Protease – breaks down proteins (e.g. meat, excreted/secreted proteins) into amino acids.
Lipase – breaks down fats/grease into fatty acids and glycerol. If not broken down, fats can go rancid and lead to off-odours and blocked drains/fat grease traps.
Amylase – starch acts as a glue for dirt – amylases catalyse the break-down of starch into sugars which are then further used as a food source by the bacillus.
Plant based surfactants

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