Argan Facial Oil 50ml MC

Size: 50ml

100% pure Argan oil for face

An elixir with precious virtues, Argan oil is plant oil produced from the Argan tree endemic to Morocco making this a rare commodity. This facial oil contains fantastic anti-ageing properties, revitalises the skin and acts against dehydration by restoring the hydrolipidic film and increasing the input of nutrients at a cellular level. It is therefore the ultimate weapon for resolving the problem of dry and dehydrated skin, or for mature skin lacking tone or vitality.

What makes Argan oil a much sought after product is that it contains 3 times the amount of vitamin E as olive oil and has high concentrations of omega-6 and omega-9, both of which are essential for building and maintaining healthy skin and hair.

Apply daily on the face and neck, preferably at night.

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